Rivet Health Law practice addresses the full spectrum of healthcare and reimbursement matters involving government and commercial payors.

Due Diligence Transactions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the healthcare industry are complicated and many issues can emerge during the diligence process, such as Stark Law implications, anti-kickback safe harbors, and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance issues.  M&As require a team of professionals ranging from private equity firms, management teams, attorneys, and other skilled professionals to fully analyze a potential acquisition through proper diligence.  Our firm works directly with investors and client attorneys to evaluate coding, billing, documentation, and compliance operations, and help identify potential risk areas with the transaction.  We are an objective view and know exactly where to look for weaknesses to help identify potential regulatory exposure and risk.

While many firms handle mergers and acquisitions, our place in the process is to provide the subset of knowledge in the reimbursement and compliance space.  Through this process, our findings help clients understand potential risks they might be acquiring, establish a reasonable amount to put into escrow, and negotiate a purchase price.

Our team understands the healthcare business and how it operates, particularly, within revenue cycle, compliance, and health information management.  We can help identify and interview key roles that go beyond the commonly identified organizational leaders.  Our team has worked in healthcare operations and knows the technical questions to ask with coding, billing, health information, and compliance to help identify any potential risks or compliance issues.