G2211 Simplify Visit Complexity: Documentation, Audit Defense & Reimbursement

G2211 Simplify Visit Complexity

G2211 Simplify Visit Complexity Event

Join us for the opportunity to delve into the coding and billing requirements for appropriate reporting and an in-depth examination of the necessary documentation to stand up against auditor scrutiny. Physicians across all practice areas, not just primary care, can now receive additional reimbursement for complex E/M services payable under the G2211 add-on code. This webinar will remove the complexity of the code and provide a simplified, easy-to-understand format of the rules issued by Medicare. Know the technicalities of the code to stand against an audit and protect your practice’s revenue.

This webinar will cover:

  • The purpose behind G2211
  • The G2211 documentation requirements
  • What specialties can bill the G2211 complexity code
  • When you can bill G2211
  • The modifier restrictions when reporting G2211
  • What codes can be billed with G2211
  • The reimbursement of G2211
  • How often G2211 can be reported for each patient by a provider
  • When G2211 should not be reported
  • Commercial payors and reimbursement of G2211 – who is or isn’t

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